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CAES was established in 1997, and first began as a unique and highly specialized third-party, retained search recruitment organization. Our thinking and approach to recruitment was shaped by our previous business background, and the realization that “typical” recruitment approaches were inconsistent and often unsuccessful. As business people, we saw an opportunity to 'do it better', and we adopted a simple philosophy; provide the level of service that we would expect to receive from our suppliers. In the case of recruitment services, this meant proactively finding managers and staff for our hiring clients who would actually perform.

Because our clients relied on us to find truly talented 'hard to find' people, we needed to develop, and continuously improve upon, a recruitment approach that would be consistently successful. We were immediately perceived as being 'different', and over time we became an industry leader in recruitment methodology. What quickly became important to us was to not only have the ability to fulfill our client's hiring requirements, at all organizational levels, but that our hired candidates would both perform to expectations, and stay and grow with the organization. So for us, real success was achieved when our candidates became long-term members of our client organizations.

A major component of our approach has come from understanding the critical importance of BOTH technical skills and non-technical skills to performance, and how they must match with the requirements of the role, the manager, the team and the overall organizational culture for performance to be achieved and sustained over time. As a result we have continuously developed our ability to understand the non-technical components of performance and therefore achieved a level of 'expertise' in our ability to assess and evaluate people's non-technical performance capabilities. Just as performance is a key component of every CAES service, non-technical assessment and evaluation is a key component of our approach to performance.

It is only logical that along the way we translated this understanding of non-technical skills and performance to additional services to be offered to our clients. While we still recruit based on performance, we also help our clients to enhance people performance at all levels, by helping them make accurate external hiring and internal promotion decisions, by enhancing team performance, and by developing their managerial and leadership capability. This non-technical skill development helps our client organizations to grow and achieve sustainable results. And in instances where technical skill development is required, we connect them to our numerous technically focused associates.

And we will also provide performance-related career development services to select individuals.

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