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Enhance organizational growth, revenues, cost reduction and profitability by ...

  • Increasing individual, departmental, managerial, leadership and organizational performance
  • Expanding the overall leadership capability of your organization
  • Finding, evaluating and recruiting high performing executives, managers and staff
  • Assessing and evaluating the performance capability of external hires or internal promotions
  • Identifying, evaluating and developing leaders and managerial successors as part of your organizational succession planning
  • Improving the effectiveness and sustainability of your performance enhancement programs
  • Developing more effective teams and inter-departmental collaboration
  • Increasing your retention of key individuals

Enhance your personal career success by ...

  • Assisting in the development of a career growth strategy
  • Increasing your recognition through noticeable performance accomplishments
  • Increasing your competitiveness for internal and external career opportunities
  • Developing attractive leadership qualities
  • Defining and presenting your performance-related non-technical capabilities
    • Increasing your career mobility and access to more challenging work
    • Reducing the risk of your new business (SME) start up

    Leadership and Management Development

    We help organizations to increase the effectiveness of their leaders and managers via the evaluation of current capability, the identification of desired performance results, the use of 'on the job' learning plans and supportive implementation coaching. 


    and Selection

    We help hiring decision makers to assess and evaluate the performance capabilities of external managerial and staff candidates, and internal people under consideration for promotions, to ensure proper selection.

    Retained Search


    We help organizations by finding, assessing, evaluating and recruiting 'hard to find' high-performing executives, leaders, managers and staff and by developing longer-term 'candidate pipelines' to enable future growth .



    We help individuals and teams to enhance their performance via capability assessments, 'on-the-job' learning plans, developmental workshops and performance coaching.

    Strategic HR 


    We help organizational leaders to identify and develop high potential performers, to develop a 'talent bench', to increase retention and to build

    long-term succession plans.



    We help select individuals to take their next 'career step' by enhancing their performance, presenting their capabilities to decision-makers, and by developing and executing an effective career plan.

    Our Services Can Be Delivered:  


    • in person at your location 
    • offsite
    • online via computer to computer link
    • or by a combination of both    

    Almost all of our assessments can be accessed online 24 / 7

    We can reduce costs / travel time for our distant and international clients via the utilization of our on-line computer to computer delivery system which:

    • enables visual presentations, voice and webcam connections between all participants
    • can be used to facilitate one-on-one interaction, small group workshops, and general learning presentations for up to 24 participants at a time
    • allows participants to be in multiple locations, and in different time zones
    • enables us to invite additional subject matter experts to make presentations

    If required, we can offer service time flexibility, outside regular business hours and weekends