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The Critical Importance of Cognitive Matching to Performance

Unless there is a cognitive capability match between an individual and their role performance simply will not occur. This has critical implications to hiring, leadership and managerial success, internal promotions, development programs, succession planning and overall organizational performance.

CAES Performance Capability  Assessment

This video provides an overview of the CAES non-technical skill assessment process by comparing the performance capability of three employment candidates.

Focus on Real Performance Results

When we shift our thinking away from steps in a process and toward achieving our desired final results we are more likely to feel the pride that comes with accomplishment. And other people see what we have achieved as well. You may want to consider what is most important to you when you define your success, and then take whatever action is necessary to bring it about. 

Connecting to CAES

A brief comment about our LinkedIn connections and an outline on how to connect to CAES

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The Benefit of 20 - 80 Thinking

Do you want the satisfaction of moving your career forward and avoiding missing out on opportunity? You might want to consider various ways to enhance your performance so that other people will be more likely to see the results that you achieve. Think through what performance enhancement activities would be helpful to you, then just go ahead and do them. By taking a minute to listen to this video, you may develop some ideas on where to start.

Is Technology Really Helping You?

Is your use of technology moving you closer to achieving your goals and helping you avoid wasting time? While various technologies can offer you a lot of options, we need to focus on those that enable us to better understand what is most likely to bring us success.

Benefits of Having an Impact

When your work has an impact on others you experience greater career success, you promote positivity, you facilitate creativity, you enhance performance, and you just feel good.

On Funding Startups and SME's

We need to make sure that SME fund recipients have all of the tools necessary for success so that they can steer clear of becoming yet another failure statistic. By expanding our vision beyond only funding concerns, we can help to increase the odds of success by also considering capability to perform, manage and lead.


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